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Thursday, 9 April 2015

High-End Makeup Haul & Review


I'll start with the new Limited Edition Bare Minerals 'California Bronze' palette. I found this palette in Debenhams a few weeks back after seeing somebody post a photo of it on instagram, but assumed it would be sold out everywhere. It retails for £25 which, for three reasonably sized high-end products (two bronze shades and one highlight) is amazing value. 

The cardboard-like packaging of this palette makes it very lightweight and ideal for your handbag or travelling.. and it comes with a decent-sized mirror for on-the-go application. I really do prefer this type of packaging compared to the standard matte black packaging that Bare Minerals use normally as this doesn't get covered in fingerprints right from the first use!

The palette consists of three shades.. The Ocean View, The Shining Moment and The High Dive (pictures below).  Apologies if the images don't do the colours much justice, but I am in LOVE with the bronzing shades in this palette.  

'The Ocean View' is described by BM as a sheer matte bronze, ideal for everyday bronzing.. which I would agree with if you have quite pale skin - this would make an amazing all-over bronze colour.. but personally I love to use this for contouring . It is a cool-toned bronze colour so I find it to be the perfect contouring shade as it never looks 'too much'.

At first I was really excited to try out 'The Shining Moment' in this palette, which is a highlighting shade and BM described it as having skin-nourishing benefits. I've tried and tested this highlighter a few times now and I just can't seem to get it to work for me. It may just be my skin tone.. and it may work for paler complexions, but this highlighter just didn't do it for me. When swatched it looks lovely, but on my face it just doesn't show up, so I much prefer something like MAC 'Soft and Gentle'.

'The High Dive' is the other bronzing shade in this palette which I find to be perfect for an all-over bronzing colour. It is described by BM as a rich golden bronze that lasts up to 8 hours (which I definitely agree with). This bronzer warms up my complexion with very little product, and to do this I use the Real Techniques blusher brush (which I find works better for bronzing)!

The next product is the NARS blush in 'Outlaw', which is a shade that immediately caught my eye in SpaceNK recently. It is described by NARS as a soft rose tone with golden shimmer... Completely agree with this description and although it looks quite dark in the pan, if used lightly and blended out, it leaves a stunning rose colour on the cheeks.. perfect shade for summer. 
After discovering the amazing blush range from NARS, my well-loved MAC blushes have been demoted to the back of the makeup drawer.. and  I will definitely be building up my NARS blush collection!
NARS Blush in 'Outlaw'
RRP £23
Link HERE!

Thirdly is my Stila 'Eyes are the Window' palette in 'Mind'. There are four eyeshadow palettes in Stila's 'Eyes are the Window' collection.. Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit.. retailing for £30 each. I opted for the 'Mind' palette after reading reviews and searching for an all-mattes palette for months.. and I figured this would be perfect.
There are 12 shades in total, with a mix of rose/pinky tones, brown tones, blues, a pop of purple and a burnt orange shade. I absolutely adore most of the shades in this palette, but I can't seem to get on with the dark purple or dark navy-ish blue shade.. I find they just don't blend and can be very chalky.. but overall a lovely palette!

From left to right:
Link HERE!!!
Finally is The Body Shop All-In-One Insta-Blur makeup primer.  With the weather getting warmer, I began to notice my foundation just wasn't lasting as long as it would in the winter months.. and around lunch time, I found myself having to touch up my makeup. I turned to this product after reading amazing reviews online.. and I was not disappointed.
This primer is completely clear - no colour, no tint - and glides very easily onto my skin, leaving a perfect satin base for applying my foundation. I have genuinely found that this product not only helps my foundation last longer, but it actually improves the overall look of my makeup, and even my bronzer and blush goes on much more evenly after using this. It retails for £14 at The Body Shop, which may seem a tad expensive for a small tube, but The Body Shop almost always have a promotion running online.. So I would recommend holding off until they have their next promotion.. which I wouldn't expect will be too long of a wait.

The Body Shop Instablur
RRP £14
Link HERE!!!

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