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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

MAC Prep+Prime: My No.1 Must-Have Primer

This one is for the girls (and boys) out there who, like me, have never considered a foundation primer a staple in their make-up routine. Eye primer has always been a must-have in my make-up collection, however I've never really had the same attachment to a base primer...

That was until I'd been kindly given a sample of the MAC Prep+Prime 'Skin' Primer by the super helpful make-up artist at my local MAC counter.  He advised me to apply it to my T-zone, as that is where I tend to get oiliest. However, when applying to my nose, I also sweep a little bit down the sides of my nose and onto my cheekbones as this is where my foundation tends to slide throughout the day.

It is a lotion consistency which feels very light-weight on the skin and slightly silicone-y. It smooths out over the skin with very little effort and does not feel heavy at all on the skin.  In terms of increasing the longevity of my base, this primer has become a priority in my routine as my foundation has been staying in place for so much longer than usual. I'd usually apply my make-up at 8am, and an extra little bit of powder around 4pm before I go to work, and by 9pm, my foundation is mostly still where I put it, despite a few little patches on my forehead and nose. However, considering this is after 13hrs wear, I'd give this primer a strong 9.5/10 for increasing the longevity of my foundation.

The foundation that I'm currently using (and loving) with this primer is the new MAC Studio Waterweight. That's all I'll say for now, as I have a full review of the MAC Waterweight coming soon, so you can check back for that if you like or  subscribe on Bloglovin'  to keep updated and get notified when the post goes live!

Honestly, I was initially a bit hesitant to give this a go because of the shimmer in the product, however this only makes for a more beautiful, even complexion once you've got your base completed as it is very subtle and adds a healthy glow. Having had a few jam-packed weeks since September, I'm so glad to have found this product. It has definitely helped the appearance my skin and I have no doubts that it would have otherwise been seriously lack-lustre due to stress-filled days and nights.

Overall, a fantastic product that I'd definitely recommend, especially for those with oily skin! This product has already become a staple in my make-up routine and I think it will remain a favourite for a long, long time. No complaints from me!

MAC Prep+Prime 'Skin' is available from Debenhams for £21.00

Are there any primers that you'd recommend to me? I'm always open to trying new products! Please leave any suggestions below, or share your thoughts on this primer!

Thank you so much for reading and all of your kind comments are so greatly appreciated, as always <3

Ciara Rose xox
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