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Thursday, 5 November 2015

90's Inspired Fashion

''You've got holes in your jeans, you know'' - I've heard it at least ten times coming from (a) the older generation, or (b) somebody with absolutely no clue about fashion. *eye rolls* 

Although you may not consider this the 'grungy' look, it is actually quite different for me as it isn't something I'd typically put together. I'm usually the one wearing light colours and pink lipstick. Recently, though, I've been really inspired by the whole 90's trend that I've been seeing everywhere lately. Not saying that I can see myself in a pair of Doc Marten's anytime soon (that would be a bit extreme for me), but with signature 90's fashion trends like berry lips and leather biker jackets coming back, I've been tempted to give it a go myself. 

I'm always fascinated to see fashion trends from decades ago come back into style. I found it hilarious when everybody began wearing the choker necklaces that we all ran about with years ago. I just hope 'mood rings' don't come back. *cringe*
 It shows that you really shouldn't dump clothes just because the 'trend' has been and gone, it will come back in style sooner or later! 90s ripped jeans trend
The jeans I'm wearing are the Leigh jeans from Topshop , paired with a New Look brown belt. And also, who made the rule that you can't wear brown and black together!? I beg to differ, I think if you do it right, it can look  amazing I added a feminine navy, polka-dot shirt from H&M , and a pink cami from Topshop  to make it slightly more girly. 
Aside from the clothes, my jewellery is my usual mix of gold, rose gold and silver, and on my nails I'm wearing Barry M 'Berry Cosmo' - great autumn/winter colour!

I'd love to know what you think of my 90's inspired outfit and also, let me know what your favourite fashion trends are right now! Thanks so much for reading and always leaving me kind comments! You can find me on  Instagram if you'd like to see more fashion and beauty posts from me, I'm posting a lot more on there recently! Also, you can follow via Bloglovin' to make sure you get notified with my new posts!

Ciara Rose xox
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