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Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I Wore: Christmas & Boxing Day

It's so hard to believe that Christmas is over already! I felt as though I haven't had time to properly enjoy the festive weeks building up to Christmas as I've been so busy.. it's usually my favourite few weeks of the year, but this year it seemed to just come out of nowhere, and now it's over. Complaining aside, I'm very much looking forward to the New Year. There's so many things I want to do and I've set plans that I'm pretty optimistic about. 

Honestly, there aren't many things in this world that bring me as much joy as shopping for Christmas clothes.. or just shopping in general. I'm an absolute magpie to anything glittery, sparkly, gold, silver, sequinned.  I purchased this gold sparkly skirt from Warehouse just last week (and in the meantime it has dropped in price to £30.. run! ) - it's the perfect addition to my Christmas/winter wardrobe . I'd actually pull this out any time of the year and pair with a lighter coloured top and bare legs for a more spring appropriate look. The black lace top is from  Topshop and is a new favourite of mine as I adore anything with flute sleeves since they first became popular this AW season . Plus, high necks are completely my thing right now, although with this piece being so popular, stock in store and online didn't last long and it's completely sold out :-(. These two items paired with heeled knee high boots , MAC 'Ruby Woo' lipstick and a sparkly eye is perfect for this festive time of year.

Boxing Day consisted of yet more eating, so unlike the non-stretch, restricting lace top I wore on Christmas Day, I paired this flowy mustard wrap-over top from Warehouse (sale item alert) with last year's Topshop leopard print skirt that everyone had been going crazy over after Alexa Chung had been photographed wearing it. Topshop have actually released a similar leopard print skirt this year which is also stunning. The same black knee high boots went perfectly with this outfit and although some say mustard shades and blonde hair don't mix, I think it looks perfectly fine when paired with darker shades or black!

I'd love to know your thoughts on these outfits and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas if it's something you like to celebrate! Thanks for reading xxx

Ciara Rose xox
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