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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lancome Grandiose Mascara Set

In 2014, the Lancome Grandiose mascara landed and seemed to have gained so much attention online, mostly because of the unusual 'swan neck' wand. I'd been wanting to try it out for so long, and j ust after Christmas I managed to find this amazing  gift set on sale in Debenhams for around £18, which is a great price considering the mascara itself retails for £25, and there are another two products inside; Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-up Remover and Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in '01 Noir'

I've mentioned before about the trouble I have with finding a mascara that makes my lashes look half-way decent.. and one that didn't totally dry out within a few weeks. Benefit Roller Lash worked very well for me in the past, although I'm not a massive fan of the extremely thin and straight wand, which is why I really wanted to try out Grandiose to see if a different shape of wand would make any difference! 

Just like most mascaras, it definitely took a week of use before this mascara was dried-out just the right amount (the extremely watery first few uses of a new mascara is definitely my pet peeve!). Once I used it a few times, I began to really love it. I'm definitely converted to the 'swan neck' wand as I find it makes so much difference in terms of the ease of application. The wand fits perfectly around my eye and  really holds the curl in my lashes after using my T weezerman eyelash curlers , as well as giving my lashes much more length than many other brands that I've tried. You can see my results below:

As for the eye pencil, I was left a little bit disappointed to be totally honest. I usually stick to my MAC eye pencil in 'Smolder' as I find it to last the longest on my waterline and it is genuinely the most opaque eye pencil I've ever used. Although this Lancome one feels very smooth when applying, I find that no matter how many times I apply, the pigment is no-where near as dark as MAC 'Smolder'... in fact, I'd even say it's more of a dark brown more than black, despite being called 'Noir'. It wasn't for me, but if you prefer a more subtle eyeliner then maybe this could be a good one for you to try!

Lastly, the Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-up Remover is another product I've heard being mentioned a lot by other beauty bloggers. I normally stick to my Garnier Micellaire Water to remove both my foundation and eye make-up as I'd never really seen the point in spending £15+ on an eye make-up remover, when you can use a cheap micellaire water. After trying this out, I'm 100% converted to using eye make-up removers and it's safe to say that my micellaire water will only be used to remove foundation from now on. I drop a little bit of this amazing product onto a cotton pad and it feels super comfortable and moisturising on my eye area. All eye make-up comes off with very little effort.. I honestly couldn't believe how lightly I had to massage the cotton pad on my eye for all of my mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow to be completely removed. I'm definitely going to buy a full size eye make-up remover once I've used up this travel size! I'm so glad I found this.

I'd love to know if you've tried out any of these products! Also, what is your favourite high-end mascara!?

I've linked products in the images below if you'd like to have a nosy or make a purchase!

Thanks for reading xx

Ciara Rose xox

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