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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Combination/Oily Skincare Favourites

Throughout the past month or two, I began to notice a difference in the appearance and feeling of my skin that I wasn't too happy about. Admittedly, lots of late nights, study-related stress and a few too many chocolate sweets over Christmas definitely didn't help. So a few weeks ago I did an online order, had a trip to the Clinique counter and re-discovered the La Roche-Posay Serozinc, and my skin has definitely improved since. I may begin this post by saying that my skin type is combination-oily with a few dehydrated patches and I can be prone to breakouts. So if your skin sounds similar to mine, hopefully these products will work as well for you as they did for me.

Pixi Glow Tonic - This seems to be an absolute must-have product right now. It's an exfoliating toner that you put onto a cotton pad and sweep all over your face (avoiding your eye area) to even out your skintone and exfoliate. To be honest, I think the fact that I hadn't been using a toner for a few months was one of the main reasons my skin was acting up. As well as that, the only exfoliation my skin had was when I used my muslin cloth to remove my balm cleanser, which I've learned just isn't enough. I can genuinely say that even after using this product only once, everything from my moisturiser to make-up applies so much more evenly and my skin feels softer than it's ever been. What I love about this product is how quickly and easily you can apply it, and it takes seconds to sink in before you can move onto your other skincare or make-up. I use this morning and night without fail and my skin has definitely been looking a lot brighter and healthier since I discovered this! Definitely a must-have product and I don't think I'll ever be without it. 

Glacial Marine Mud Mask - Recently I'd been sent a few samples by Jordanne who runs her own business selling skincare and make-up products. My favourite sample was definitely this Glacial Marine Mud Mask which helps to remove dirt from your pores and smooth out the texture of your skin. The mask itself is not at all thick or gloopy in texture and is very easily applied. It dries within minutes and feels very comfortable - it's not at all harsh on the skin so it's a lovely gentle mask for pamper night. You can apply this product to your entire face or just use on patches you feel need a bit of attention. I leave it on my skin for 15 minutes and then remove with a damp muslin cloth and it comes off with very little effort, which is a huge plus! I've noticed my skin feels and looks a lot cleaner and fresher after using this, and the following morning I definitely noticed a clearer complexion. You can purchase this face mask along with other skincare/make-up treats from Jordanne via her Facebook or Instagram which I've linked. Definitely head over to her page to have a  look at her results! 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions - I'd just reached the end of my much loved Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser a few weeks ago and having used that product religiously for 6+ months, I decided it was time to try another from Clinique. As I'd been having trouble with my skin, this anti-blemish solutions treatment sounded suitable and even though it is labelled as a treatment, you can definitely use it as a moisturiser if your skin is oily/combination. This product has saved my skin massively -  I apply this right after I've cleansed and exfoliated, and it has definitely helped to get rid of blemishes and even out my skintone dramatically. Not only that, but I haven't had any more breakouts since using this, so it has definitely helped to prevent another skin crisis. My make-up also applies and sits very well throughout the day when I've used this so it's definitely one of my favourite products of the moment!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc - Back in July, I searched every pharmacy I could find in Nice, France for this product. I literally went out of my way in 35 degree weather to try to find this stuff, only to return home and realise my local Boots stocked it.. LOL, disaster. More to the point, this is a toner for oily, blemish-prone skin which helps to mattify the skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes and get rid of excess shine. I use this product if I have any blemishes and it helps to calm my skin and reduce redness. The only thing I dislike about this product is the fact that it goes absolutely bloody everywhere when you spray it on your face.. it's literally on your hair, on your clothes, on your window.. but it works!

Thanks so much for reading this post and make sure to leave your skincare favourites below in the comments so I can try them out!

Ciara Rose xox

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