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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weekend Style: Blue Hues


With the UK/Ireland being in that awkward 'between seasons' stage where we're not quite out of the winter weather yet, but not quite getting the spring weather either.. long sleeves and layering pieces are essential. Recently, long sleeved dresses are all I've been looking for, but they're just so hard to find, so this new printed piece from Warehouse was definitely a must-buy. The sleeves are actually wrist-length but I prefer them to be rolled up just a bit and it's the perfect all-year-round piece as I can imagine it would look fab in the summer with tan legs and tan sandals, while it's also very Spring/Autumn appropriate as it looks amazing paired with sheer tights or when layered with a plain colour jacket to allow the pattern to peek through. I'm also loving the mixed print style of this dress, as well as the fact it can be worn as a long shirt with jeans for a more casual day-time look. Just imagine that with white jeans. *heart-eye-emoji*

I actually picked up this baby blue sleeveless jacket from In The Style a few weeks ago when I made my first online order with the company. The baby blue definitely doesn't do my colouring much justice (certain shades of blue don't tend to suit me very well) but I'm absolutely loving wearing this jacket recently. It makes the perfect layering piece so I paired it with a long sleeved Warehouse shirt underneath to add a bit of print, along with grey Topshop Leigh jeans and a huge chunky chain statement necklace. I plan to buy much more from In The Style soon so if you've purchased any pieces recently, definitely let me know! 

Let me know what you think of these pieces in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading and always leaving lovely comments xx


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