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Monday, 11 July 2016

NEW £5 L'oreal Face Masks

Last week I did my usual ''go to Boots for one thing'' and came home with a bag full of things that I want but don't really need. My skin had been breaking out recently so I spent some time looking through the skincare aisle when I came across these new face masks by L'oreal. I'm a huge fan of  the L'oreal Infallible foundation and their products generally seem to work well with my skin.. so at £5 a piece, I couldn't not try out these two new masks. 
One thing that was definitely missing from my skincare routine was a brightening/illuminating face mask - hence why I was immediately drawn to the Pure Clay Glow Mask by L'oreal (pictured above on the left hand side). I've swatched it in the image below (on the right) and as you can see it's an orange/red mask with exfoliating beads which aim to exfoliate the skin without drying it out. L'oreal have mentioned that this mask has been created using three pure clays combined with Red Algae Extract to help brighten and illuminate. I leave this mask on my skin for 5/10 minutes and remove using a damp muslin cloth. I find this product to be great for brightening and illuminating however I do prefer to exfoliate using the Pixi Glow Tonic which I find gives much better results in terms of exfoliation. Nevertheless, it's a nice mask for a pamper morning/night and for those wanting to add some glow to their skin.

Next is the Pure Clay Purity Mask containing Eucalyptus extract to help purify the skin. This mask is really easy to apply and after 5/10 minutes, it has completely dried and a damp muslin cloth removes it easily. It's definitely my favourite mask of the two as I find it leaves my skin feeling super soft, fresh and purified whilst it leaves the perfect smooth yet mattified base for applying the rest of my skincare and make-up - which is what I always look for in a face mask. This product reminds me a lot of the Origins Out of Trouble face mask (approx £20) as it seems to have the same effect on my skin in terms of feeling purified and refreshed.. so I'd definitely recommend trying the L'oreal mask and saving some £££.

Overall, if I had to choose between the two I'd definitely go for the Purity Mask as I find that it gives the best results and leaves my skin feeling extra smooth and purified afterwards. As I've mentioned, the introductory price of these masks are £5 each (they will be £7.99 soon) and L'oreal estimate 10 applications per product. For such a low price point, I think these products are amazing value for money in terms of the benefits of the face masks themselves and also the high-end glass packaging. I should mention that L'oreal have also brought out a Detox mask with charcoal, although I didn't pick up this one as I'm currently using (and loving) one by Sanctuary.

I'd love to know if you've tried out any of these new face masks - let me know in the comments below! You can subscribe via Bloglovin' to keep updated with new fashion/beauty posts and follow my Instagram. Thanks for reading xx

  Ciara Rose xox

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