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Monday, 12 September 2016

Autumn-Winter Yankee Candles

It's finally my favourite time of year again. Although I do appreciate the milder weather in the Summer months, I can't help but count down the days every year 'til it's officially September again, and therefore it is finally acceptable to pull out the chunky knits, knee high boots and visit Yankee Candle a ridiculous amount of times to see what new and exciting scents they have to offer. Hallowe'en & Christmas candle shopping is up there with my favourite things to do. Sad, I know.

I had always been a fan of the large or medium sized jars in Yankee.. but when there are so many scents to choose from and some candles don't necessarily have the same scent when they are burnt, I figured it would be best to opt for the votives this time. Priced at £1.80 and providing up to 15 hours of fragrance each, I think they're incredible value for money and a great idea for testing out the scent before forking over £20 out of your pocket for a candle you mightn't end up liking.

The scents I picked up are: 

'Fireside Treats' - This is the scent that I'm burning in the photo above. The candle jar itself has an image of marshmallows toasting over an open fire - which is what the scent is supposed to be. It's a great scent if you don't like your candle to be overpowering or fill the entire room with fragrance. I'd describe it as a subtle but sweet marshmallow-y scent.

'Black Cherry' - This is arguably not an Autumn/Winter scent at all, but it is one that I have had my eye on for months, if not years, yet I hadn't picked up a jar as I thought maybe it would be too strong for a household scent. In the jar, it does have quite an overpowering scent, although on burning it is not as strong as I had imagined it to be. Overall, a really nice all year round scent.

'Candy Corn' - This is the only Hallowe'en scent of the bunch and it's been one that I had been dying to try since last Hallowe'en. I've not burned this scent yet as I'm holding out for October, but judging from the fact that it's scented like 'candy corn' sweets, I'm sure I'll love it. 

'Candy Cane Lane' - Sorry for mentioning Christmas in September, but I couldn't not include this scent. Again, I wanted to pick this up since last year when I couldn't manage to get my hands on it before Christmas as it seemed to have sold out everywhere. I plan on trying out the smaller votive earlier this year so that I'm on time if I want to get a jar while they're still available. It's an almost sickly sweet, peppermint-y (just like a candy cane) scent and I'm sure I will just love it. 

'Snowflake Cookie' (below) - This is actually a candle I had purchased last year. Truth be told, on Boxing Day I actually went to two different stores with the hope I'd find this candle somewhere.. and I did.. eventually.. and it was actually discounted! I bought a huge jar so I still have loads left for this year, and my love for the scent hasn't faded at all. Again, it's quite a sweet cookie/baking scent, yet quite subtle and I burn this in my bedroom quite a lot as it is not too strong or overpowering in my opinion. It's definitely one to buy if you're looking out for an Autumn/Winter candle. 

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Candy Cane Lane • Yankee Candle • £22.33
Yankee Candle Classic large jar black cherry • Yankee Candle • £21.99
Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Snowflake Cookie • Yankee Candle • £19.56
Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle, Fireside Treats • Yankee Candle • £14.99

I'd love to hear your thoughts and let me know your favourite Autumn/Winter candles that you'll be burning this year!  You can subscribe via Bloglovin' if you'd like to see more posts from me. Thanks so much for stopping by. X

Ciara Rose xox

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