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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Transitioning Into Spring


Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting lately - I've been so incredibly busy these past few weeks  with essays and other events that I've not been able to manage posting twice weekly. For the time being, I'm aiming to post once a week on a Sunday evening.. and my Wednesday posts will happen if I've got time (sorry!). Once June hits, I'll be free-ish once again so please bear with me! 

Anyway, you may have seen my posting these photos on my Instagram this past week.. and I'm definitely making it look as though we're having much better weather than we actually are. It's safe to say that these outfits were definitely accompanied by another layer on top, but I wanted to share some more of my Spring-ish pieces with you all as you always leave such nice comments! 

The contrast between dark navy and yellow will always be one of my favourite combinations. I paired this quite old Missguided cropped off-the-shoulder jumper with an ASOS body-con denim skirt which is again, quite old. Chunky knits are definitely associated with winter, and the winter sales are definitely where you can find amazing knits for very little money, although the off-the-shoulder style of this jumper makes it very Spring-appropriate, not to mention the bright yellow shade. I'll definitely bring this to America with me this summer to layer over a dress for the evening time! 

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