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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Missguided Shirt Dress


This week has been so hectic for me - hence the tired face - that for a few days I almost forgot what it was like to dress in anything other than jeans and a jumper, even though it's essential for those days where you just need to sit and get stuff done. So despite my sleep deprived face, I thought I'd share this outfit featuring my new Missguided shirt dress that I'd been so excited to wear.

Honestly, I'd prefer if it was just a teeny bit longer so I'd feel more comfortable wearing it as a dress (although I am approx 5'9 so it would definitely fit an average height person perfectly.. lol). 
I found it on Missguided when they had the 50% off everything sale and managed to buy it before the site completely crashed.. so I picked it up for £14 - absolute bargain! It was one of those pieces that I had imagined a million different ways I could wear it when I spotted it online. When the rain eventually goes away for a few days, I'll definitely wear this unbuttoned as a long shirt with a grey cami underneath tucked into white jeans.. or even tucked into a white skirt. The options are endless. For now, I loved the way it looked when paired with my H&M grey maxi cardigan to add a bit of length.. so it's a perfect transitional piece for Spring! 

P.S. Sorry to anyone who took the time to leave me a comment on my previous post.. for some reason last night I lost all of my comments. I managed to get all of them back except the ones on my last post! x

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