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Thursday, 27 September 2019

The Sexiest Wing To Flatter Your Eyes

The Sexiest Wing To Flatter Your Eyes

Wing eyeliner is incredibly popular as it adds that bit of pizzazz to your look that is sure to mystify onlookers. It is not a technique that is a challenge to master. With so much effort involved in getting your eyeliner to be symmetrical, it can be quite a learning curve to ensure you choose a style that will enhance the shape of your eyes.

Ask anybody who regularly applies the best drugstore eyeliners, and they’ll tell you off the bat that it serves their purpose in making your eyes appear bigger. However, when you get it wrong, it is not even two seconds later that you may look like a raccoon.

Besides, who wants the windows into their soul to look small and droopy? Wouldn’t you rather have them appear lifted and sexy?

It sure is worth your while to spend enough time and demonstrate a little patience so you can get it right!

How to Achieve Sexy Wings to Flatter Your Eyes

It is like anything in life; before you tinker with your eyelids to apply the first and best eyeliner you can lay your hands on, you need to gain an understanding regarding your specific eye shape.

What if you are someone who regularly attends the gym? In this case, you would do well to opt for the best waterproof eyeliner money can buy. Take it from me, do yourself a favor and pick the best wing makeup.

Some of you may think it is not such a biggie that your eye shape should influence your choice of an eyeliner. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can do wonders. Make hooded eyes appear bigger and put some spark into down-turned eyes.

Also, do not feel disheartened if your hand shakes a bit. All you need is to get your wrist to do its thing and soon you will sport a winning wing. Before you know it, you will be a pro.

Winged Eyeliner for Smaller Eyes

Do you have small eyes? There is an easy to do makeup trick that will help to widen your eyes. It begins by drawing in a double wing. Use your favorite eyeliner to draw along the upper lash line and end it with a small flick outward. Do the same on your bottom lash, but do not venture any further than the middle part of your eye. Why don’t you add a touch of concealer in-between the two wings to make them pop?

Almond Eyes Eyeliner

You are truly gifted if you have almond-shaped eyes. Any eyeliner will do just fine to flatter your eyes. All you have to do is begin your application using a thin line inside the inner corners of your eyes. From here, you can build its thickness out when you get to the third of your eye. It will do no harm to add a wing at the end.

Hooded Eyes Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner for monolid and hooded eyes, ensure you draw the liner into the base of the lash line. You can always make the liner a bit thicker. If you want a cat-eye look, then an elongated and thick wing will give your desired look. In this case, you need to avoid a bottom eyeliner as your eyes will appear too small when closed.

Downturned Eyes Eyeliner

Downturned eyes need to be lifted. To achieve this look you can brighten the inner corners using a light-colored pencil. Be sure to leave your lower lash line bare. Rather, focus your efforts on your top lash line. Begin just below the highest point of your arch, then go up and outward. All you need is an upward flick to open up downturned eyes.

Round Eyes Eyeliner

Pay attention to elongating your eyes if you have round eyes. This way, you can look forward to an exotic shape. Line your upper lash and experiment with the outer corners to make it look like an extended wing.

Deepset Eyes Liner

For best results with this eye shape, you need to apply a thin line that features a horizontal flick that is very close to your lash line. Another tip is to accentuate the outer half and corners of your eye to achieve a sultry evening look. Individuals with larger eyes can add a bit more width towards the outer corners to achieve a bigger wing.

The Best Eyeliner to Accommodate All Eye Shapes

There are endless eyeliner options for all eye shapes. Maybe you have a few basic skills when using either an eyeliner brush or pencil to bring about notable improvements. No doubt, you can do with a bit of improvement so you may draw a straight line along your eyelid.

Have you tried the connect-the-dots technique or a smudging method to reveal a smokey appearance?

Just dot your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Then, you can just blend these together to create one smooth stroke. Regardless of your eye shape, it is the best way to achieve a straight line.

Should you opt for a glam look to help open your eye, then it’s best to employ a white liner on the lower waterline of your eyelid. Doing so will immediately enlarge the appearance of your eyes. To add depth, simply use a black pencil liner and apply it to the waterline of the upper lashes.

Eyeshadow can be put to good use to achieve a smokey eye look. What you can do is apply a heavily pigmented black eyeshadow using a thin brush as a liquid liner.

From here on out, you can simply blend the pigment by using a dense but smaller brush. To achieve a sexier and softer look, make use of a warm color shade and apply the eyeshadow to the lower lash line as well as all over the upper eyelid. Who doesn’t love a deep pink that brings about a feminine touch? Now that you have learned a bit more about the finer nuances of applying the sexiest wing to flatter your eyes, you should browse around for the best makeup tools and knock yourself out with the best choice.

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